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Tractors and Horse Feed: A Guide

Hello, my name is Rita and this is my agricultural equipment and supplies blog. Last year, my husband and I made a big move from the city of Perth to the Australian Outback. It has always been a big dream of ours to own our own horse farm. However, I wasn't quite expecting it to be as tough as it has been. You see, it is all very well and good having a dream but you need actual knowledge to turn that dream into a reality. Thankfully, our neighbours helped us learn all about our tractor and about how to order horse feed. I hope you enjoy my blog.


Above-Ground Vs Below-Ground Rainwater Tanks

26 October 2020
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Rainwater harvesting is a great way to make use of the water that naturally falls on your land, reducing your water bills and protecting your farm against droughts. The first decision you need to make when setting up a rainwater harvesting system is whether to install a tank above ground or below ground. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Advantages of Above-Ground Rainwater Tanks The main benefit of above-ground rainwater tanks is that they are easy to install. Read More …

Guidelines to Help You Pick the Ideal Seeding Machine

27 May 2020
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Farming is a challenging undertaking, especially when you are doing it on a large scale. It is also capital-intensive, and when you do not do it properly, you can end up with massive losses. One of the crucial decisions that you must make when starting a farming project is choosing the tools and implements which simplify the planting, weeding, harvesting and toiling processes. Seeding machines are specifically designed to simplify your work during the planting season. Read More …

Farming Equipment: Excavator Attachments

27 November 2019
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If you have recently purchased an excavator for your farm, you may be wondering about the different types of attachments which are available. Excavator attachments increase the versatility of the machine, allowing it to perform a number of important jobs. Read on to find out about 4 useful attachments for your new excavator. Excavator Rakes An excavator rake is a large metal attachment which is similar is shape to a bucket. However, rather than having a large solid underside which can be used to scoop up soil, the rake instead has strips of metal. Read More …

3 Essential Gardening Products For A Healthy And Productive Vegetable patch

2 April 2018
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Having a large and productive vegetable patch is a long-held desire for many Australian homeowners. It's a great way to save a fortune on your shopping bill and nothing tastes as good as produce that you've grown yourself. However, for your vegetable patch to be a success, you'll need more than a mound of dirt and a few packets of seeds. Here are the three essential gardening products you'll need to ensure that you have a healthy, robust and productive vegetable patch in your garden. Read More …

Pretty Poly: The Advantages Of Choosing Polyethylene Tanks For Rainwater Harvesting

21 July 2017
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Installing an efficient rainwater harvesting system on your property can be a great way to reduce the amount of mains water your property draws, helping to save the environment while taking a significant chunk out of your monthly utility bills. However, any rainwater harvesting system is only as effective and durable as the tank used to collect and store the harvested water, so choosing the right tank for your specific needs is very important. Read More …