Tractors and Horse Feed: A Guide

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Tractors and Horse Feed: A Guide

Hello, my name is Rita and this is my agricultural equipment and supplies blog. Last year, my husband and I made a big move from the city of Perth to the Australian Outback. It has always been a big dream of ours to own our own horse farm. However, I wasn't quite expecting it to be as tough as it has been. You see, it is all very well and good having a dream but you need actual knowledge to turn that dream into a reality. Thankfully, our neighbours helped us learn all about our tractor and about how to order horse feed. I hope you enjoy my blog.


Essential Components of a Dog’s Diet

19 July 2017
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Dogs always seem to be hungry, and most of them will eat pretty much anything. Of course, that doesn't mean that what they want is actually good for them. Most dog owners are well aware of a few things they shouldn't feed to their pooch — chocolate, onions, grapes — but if asked about the essential components of a good dog diet, would you know what to say? Since quality ready-made dog food generally contain everything a dog needs, most people never need to think about it. Read More …