Farming Equipment: Excavator Attachments

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Farming Equipment: Excavator Attachments

27 November 2019
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If you have recently purchased an excavator for your farm, you may be wondering about the different types of attachments which are available. Excavator attachments increase the versatility of the machine, allowing it to perform a number of important jobs. Read on to find out about 4 useful attachments for your new excavator.

Excavator Rakes

An excavator rake is a large metal attachment which is similar is shape to a bucket. However, rather than having a large solid underside which can be used to scoop up soil, the rake instead has strips of metal. These strips of metal are ideal for raking over land that you want to clear in order to remove debris, weeds and other undesirable things.

Excavator Sieve Bucket

A sieve bucket is typically the same shape and size as a standard bucket. However, it differs in one important way. The bottom of the bucket is made of a thick metal mesh, a little bit like a handheld sieve you use in the kitchen. It is best used when you want to remove rocks and debris from soil. Simply scoop up a large chunk of unsorted soil into the sieve bucket and then raise the front of the excavator up and down slightly. As you do so, gravity will cause the lighter, finer pieces of soil to fall to the ground below, while any rocks and debris will be trapped in the sieve attachment, ready to be disposed of or moved to another location.

Excavator Trenchers

If you need to build irrigation ditches or channels in which you can lay pipes or plant crops, a trencher is just the tool for the job. While it is possible to use a standard bucket to dig a trench, trenchers are narrower and deeper than traditional buckets, which means that they can complete a job with more precision and speed.

Excavator Rippers

If you plan to dig down into ground which is very dry and compacted, a ripper attachment could be just what you need. Ripper attachments feature a pointed "finger" which will allow you to easily pierce the ground. It is then simply a case of dragging the arm of the excavator back slightly to pull the ground open.

If you are interested in finding out more, you should make sure that you get in contact with a local company which supplies excavator attachments today to learn what is available.